About the Valley Tiger Booster Club


The Valley Tiger Booster Club (VTBC) is a non-profit organization that provides financial support to the Valley Athletics Office and other school-related activities and organizations. The VTBC raises money through three different sales operations: VTBC Memberships; Concessions; and Merchandise. The net sales dollars raised from these operations are used for contributions to the sports programs based on annual requests from the coaches and the Activities Director for uniform and equipment purchases, supplies and other related expenses. These requests are brought before the VTBC Board for approval.

During the current fiscal year, the VTBC is targeting to contribute more than $70,000 to the athletic and activities programs.

Clearly there is a need for the VTBC’s financial support to the athletic programs. In fact, the more successful our teams are, the greater the expense impact to our athletic department in travel costs, state tournament fees, etc.

The general fund for the West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) only pays for coaches’ salaries. The athletic programs generate money through ticket sales and fundraising. This money is used for the cost of hosting events, travel, uniforms, fees for the athletic programs, and facilities improvements.

“The VTBC is an essential and vital part of the success of our athletic programs” says Brad Rose, Valley athletics and activities director. “The money requested from the VTBC is for needs, not wants. I thank the VTBC for all of the financial support provided to the Valley athletic programs.

“I also would like to thank everyone who has purchased a VTBC membership and the volunteers who work the concession stands. Your efforts help make the Valley Athletic programs the best that they can be.”

So remember, by purchasing VTBC Memberships, food items from the concession stand, or Valley merchandise from our booths, you are helping support the Valley athletic programs and other school organizations.

Please email VTBoosters@outlook.com if you’d like more details and information about VTBC. Thank you for your support!

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