Student Activity Tickets and Ticket Info

Tickets to CIML Events

Due to COVID-19, attendance at athletic events will be limited. View more information >

Here are the ticket prices to Central Iowa Metropolitan League (CIML) athletic events for 2020-21:

  • Varsity football: $6
  • All other varsity sports: $5
  • Non-varsity sports: $4
  • Junior high sports: $3

Children pre-K and under receive free admission.

Face Masks

Students, staff, and spectators must wear a face mask at all times. This is in line with WDMCS’ current Return-to-Learn mitigation strategies. Guests will not be granted entry into events without a face mask.

Seating/Ticket Policies for WDMCS Athletics & Activities

In order to promote social distancing, admission to some events based on that sport may be limited. General public tickets will not be available for purchase.

Ticket gates will open at least 60 minutes prior to the start of each contest. Spectators are expected to sit in marked sections at facilities. After events, facilities and equipment used will be sanitized.

Student Activity Tickets & Booster Club Passes

As previously mentioned, WDMCS temporarily suspended the sale of Student Activity Tickets (SATs). All 18 CIML schools voted that SATs will not be honored at home or away athletic events.

Students who already have an SAT or families who have purchased a pass from the Valley Tiger Booster Club AND receive one of the uniformed players’ tickets for distribution can use their SAT/Booster Club pass for admission into the event. This is for home events ONLY.

Families who purchased a SAT for their student can request a refund. Please contact your school in order to do so.

Seating Capacity at Valley Facilities

In order to properly social distance at Valley’s facilities, the following limitations have been set for seating capacity. We will continue to share guidance around attendance throughout the year as things evolve.

Valley Stadium: Sit in taped areas

  • HOME SECTION: 1,100 seats (groupings of three per taped area)
  • VISITOR SECTION: 200 seats (groupings of three per taped area)

Tiger Field: 400 seats (groupings of three per taped area)

Valley Gymnasium (Coldiron Fieldhouse): Sit in taped areas

  • HOME SECTION: Two spectators per player at each level
    UPDATE: When varsity ONLY plays at Coldiron Fieldhouse, four spectators per athlete are allowed. 
  • VISITOR SECTION: Two spectators per player at each level

Valley Southwoods Gymnasium: Sit in taped areas

  • HOME SECTION: Two spectators per player at each level
  • VISITOR SECTION: Two spectators per player at each level

Valley Pool: No spectators


Due to some sports experiencing limited spectator attendance, WDMCS is collaborating with Central Iowa Sports Network for livestream viewing. Only HOME VARSITY events are being considered through CISN, but coaches at other levels may provide a different resource for their student-athletes and families.

Links to all home varsity livestreams will be made available on and Broadcasts for other home games will be made available on the WDMCS YouTube channel.